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If you live in the North Texas or Oklahoma and are aware of a Cavalier that could benefit by being rescued or rehomed, please contact Renee Bruns through the ACKCS Rescue Trust website.

With tough economic times we are finding some struggling folks turning their pets into shelters, or advertising in flyers or newspapers.   If you are aware of a cavalier in this position we would be happy to bring the dog into rescue, foster him or her, and seek a permanent home. 

Success Stories

Piper: A Rescue Report

Piper, a ruby cavalier, enjoying the good life in her new home with a Cavalier sister. She was found as a stray in Fort Worth and turned into CKCSCNT Rescue in January.




In early November 2013 I got a call about a cavalier that was abandoned at a marina at Lake Texoma.  An acquaintance brought him home and asked if Rescue could find him a home.  At first glance he didn't appear to be in bad shape; though thin and yellow stained, he was a handsome lad with the biggest, trusting brown eyes. 

I took him to the vet the next day.  She noted  the yellow staining and detected a Urinary Tract Infection.  He had patches of missing hair on his back, and ticks and fleas. Tests were done, he was given medication, and his vaccines.  However, I continued to notice some odd behavior.  He would take five minutes to pee!  Bless his heart, he didn't want to soil his surroundings, but once outside he had a terrible time urinating.  Then, at night, when relaxed and asleep, he would soak his bed. We returned to the vet for further testing.  It was then that the vet xrayed him and found a bladder stone as big as a hen's egg!  That was why he had trouble.  It had probably been growing there for months causing blockage when standing, and dribbling when lying down.  Sleeping every night in a urine soaked crate had stained and irritated his "underpinnings.  The vet surmised a breeder (probably a puppy miller) found that he was useless as a stud dog, and dropped him off at the marina. By this time the lab tests indicated he was heartworm positive and had a number of intestinal parasites. It was determined that Tex was between three and four years old.  He also had Grade 3 peridontal disease and corneal scarring.  But before we could do anything about the heartworm condition that could kill him, he had to have surgery for the bladder stone.  Because he was a young dog, and had a wonderful disposition, saving this boy seemed the obvious course of action.
In late November Tex underwent surgery to remove the bladder stone, was neutered and had a dental cleaning.  Throughout his treatments he remained happy and loving, even wagging his tail during examinations.  His heartworm treatment had to wait until he was completely healed from his surgeries, but in January he began his Immiticide Injection.  Afterward it was necessary to keep him quiet and crated, as excitement can cause a heart attack during the treatment process.  Tex took to the routine; slow walks and confinement, with aplomb. He was given his second injection a few weeks later and by February he was a declared ready to go to a new home.
Since the week I picked up Tex, I had been in touch with Joy L.  Coincidently she had written to me requesting a rescue just after we took in Tex.  She and her husband, Craig, had had two cavaliers but one had recently died. They decided they wanted give a good home to a needy dog.  They came to my home and fell in love with Tex.  Joy checked with me each week about his progress, and I was pleased to hear they wanted to adopt him when he was well.
Finally, in March, over three months of treatment, a file of vet reports as big as a phone book, and $1,500 in bills, Tex was able to go to his forever home. His scraggly coat had become magnificent and he had put on four pounds. A donation from the North Texas Cavalier Club, and the Lentzches have covered his expenses.
Below is a recent note I got from him:
"Hi mom and dad,
Sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been very busy. My new mom is teaching me all sorts of new manners. She says I'm very smart and I learn quickly. I'm still learning how to walk on a leash. There are so many things to see and smells to investigate I forget to follow the rules. But I'm getting better. Lily and I have become great friends. We play together all the time. My favorite game is chase and I usually win!  Mom throws a ball and I run after it with Lily but I am not sure what to do when we find it.
Apparently I still have heart worms but that doesn't slow me down and my new vet says we should have that under control soon.
Well gotta go. Lily is sleeping and I need to go wake her up to help me chase the cat.
Miss you both, love forever, Tex alias "Mr. T""
Judy DuRoss

Peter Pan: A Rescue Report

He is registered, up to date on shots, and heart healthy.  Peter Pan is a typical Cavalier "love sponge".  He gets along well with children, and other pets.  His former owner passed away and he needed a new forever home.

Several inquiries poured in quickly for this young man and he quickly found his new home with Carol and her two tri color Cavaliers, Annabelle and Penelope.

Peter Pan

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